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Скачать Готовый сервер by FIELD LINE for Linux v1.4 American Football Mod V.5.0

Готовый сервер by FIELD LINE for Linux v1.4 American Football Mod V.5.0

Это мод Американского футбола. Игра происходит на стадионе, играют две команды. Цель игры, закинуть мяч за линию.

AMX mod X 1.8.1
Metamod 1.19
American Football Mod V.5.0


fm_bots (d:2) - How many football bots are spawned. (max 4)
fm_models (d:1) - If enabled, players will use NFL player models
fm_monthlystats (d:1) - If enabled, stats will be reset monthly and last month stats are randomly shown
fm_downs (d:3) - How many downs a team will get to pass the first down line until the ball is turned over
fm_helpmsg (d:1) - If enabled this will show help messages on top of each players screen
fm_kickoffs (d:1) - Enabled kickoffs to start a game and after TDs
fm_kickminlen (d:35) - Minimum length in yards the ball has to travel on a kickoff
fm_fieldgoals (d:1) - Enabled field goals
fm_maxscore (d:49) - The maximum score a team needs to reach until the game ends
fm_maxspeed (d:290) - The maximum running speed for each player
fm_burstspeed (d:350) - The maximum running speed of a player with Speed Burst activated
fm_maxpasses (d:4) - Max passes a team is allowed to throw per down
fm_cointoss (d:1) - If enabled, a coin toss occurs at the start of each game
fm_playclock (d:5) - Amount of time (in seconds) the QB and Safety get to start a down
fm_quarterclock (d:120) - Amount of time (in seconds) each quarter is
fm_scrimmaxteam (d:5) - If scrim mode is enabled, how many players each team is allowed
fm_allowpitch (d:1) - Allow player to pitch the football
fm_fumblerate (d:90) - How often a tackle results in a fumble (0 to disable)
fm_afktimer (d:40) - Time in seconds before a player is moved to spec if AFK
fm_allowdive (d:1) - Allow use of player diving
fm_allowburst (d:1) - Allow use of player Speed Bursts
fm_allowpushoff (d:1) - Allow player pushing/blocking
fm_allowstatreset (d:1) - Allow players to reset their stats

Команды игрока

say /qb - This will give the invoker the Quarterback Position
say /help - This will display the help menu
say /start - This will start a new game if people don't want to wait for it to do itself
say /switch - This will switch the invoker to the opposite team
press +USE key (default "e") - If enabled, this will make the player Speed Burst.
press +RELOAD key (default "r") - If enabled, this will make the player pitch the football.
press drop key (default "q") - If enabled, this will make the player Dive.
press radio1 key (default "z") - If enabled, this will make the player start a field goal.
press radio2 key (default "x") - If enabled, this will bring up the player model menu.

Команды админа

amx_setqb - Forces player to be the QB for their current team.
amx_setdown - Sets the current down for the team with possession of the ball.
amx_setscore - Sets the score of the given team.
amx_makeburst - Forces the player to use speed burst if he has a burst or not.
amx_makekick - Stops current down and forces a team to kickoff to the other team.
amx_scrim - Toggles tournament mode which will disable all team balancing, fumbles, autostart and no rushing.
amx_teamlock - Locks teams so players cannot change or switch
amx_setmodels - Enter team name and it loads the teams model and players
amx_end - Forces the current game to end.
amx_shake - Randomly mixes all the teams together. (Admins and bots are untouched)

Сервер полностью сделан под Linux. На Windows он никак не пойдёт!
Более подробное описание находится в FAQ в архиве.


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