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Новая версия системы управления сервером Amx Mod X 1.8.1

Список изменений:

AMX Mod X 1.8.1 is a bug-fix release.
* Added amb1762: Macedonian translation (thanks z3r0Lev3L).
* Added amb1635: ns_remove_upgrade() native.
* Added amb1604: unregister_message() native.
* Added amb1600: Trie natives for associative storage.
* Added amb1365: Slovak translation (thanks Centaury).
* Added amb1290: Invalid_Array handle in cellarray.inc.
* Added amb1263: A new flag in users.ini, 'k' implies name/tags are case sensitive.
* Added amb1167: menu_addtext() native.
* Fixed amb1648: Typo in validate_menu_text.
* Fixed amb1647: Brush origin retrieval was wrong.
* Fixed amb1643: TFC's stats.amxx added an option it did not support to the stats config menu.
* Fixed amb1642: RTE in tfc stats.sma.
* Fixed amb1632: Certain mp_roundtime values could conflict with statsx.
* Fixed amb1596: CSX was allocating a buffer too small for csstats.amxx.
* Fixed amb1565: CCmdManager::gotAccess() had inconsistent heuristics.
* Fixed amb1564: amx_chat sundry details did not obey cmdaccess.ini (patch from Teyut).
* Fixed amb1545: show_activity was ignoring the last client.
* Fixed amb1456: Wrong language key in vote kick/ban.
* Fixed amb1452: ns_give_item() was giving wrong items.
* Fixed amb1389: NS module's client_changeteam() had a reversed syntax.
* Fixed amb1343: show_activity() had a messed up vformat() call.
* Fixed amb1315: fread_blocks() broken due to typo.
* Fixed amb1313: Hamsandwich had a typo for Sven Co-op.
* Fixed amb1293: Workaround for a bug with HLDS's parsing of localinfo keys.
* Fixed amb1288: amx_banip did not show time (patch from "James").
* Fixed amb1267: FlagManager caused a crash if the cmdaccess.ini was not writable.
* Fixed amb1218: ns.inc had a typo.
* Fixed amb1199: Incorrect comment for Ham_DOD_RoundRespawnEnt.
* Fixed amb1175: New module and plugin did not get added to addon packages.
* Fixed amb1163: float printing broke on large values.
* Fixed amb1143: Typo in SetClientKeyValue().
* Fixed amb1139: Menufront/plmenu now follows cmdaccess.ini changes for its additions.
* Fixed amb1134: Removed unused cvar.
* Fixed amb1126: dod_set_model() crashed.
* Fixed amb1096: Ranking by IP caused the server to freeze.
* Fixed amb1079: Threaded queries with results would crash.
* Fixed amb1077: nVault wouldn't load on some Linux servers.
* Fixed amb1089: amx_banip message printed twice.
* Fixed amb1080: German translation typo.
* Fixed amb1049: Sloppy TraceResult namings.
* CS and NS did not have plmenu and slapdamage amounts in their amxx.cfg.
* Plugin menu now ignores immunity if executed on self.
* Mod-specific modules no longer load on mods they don't support.
* AMX Mod X now uses Visual Studio 2005.
* Linux builds no longer use -fPIC (smaller, slightly faster binaries).
* Updated GeoIP database to August 2008.

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