Скачать dproto 0.9.178 и 0.9.179

dproto 0.9.178 и 0.9.179

Наверное, никто уже и не ждал новой версии dproto, но не тут то было, вышла новая версия dproto 0.9.178, так же в данной версии были исправлены баг с флудом на сервера.

Armind for testing, bugreporting;
AlexALX for testing;
bDy for testing on FreeBSD;
Co6aka for tesing;
Dark-Master for testing, bugreporting;
debugger_perm for original idea and testing;
DrilLer for testing, bugreporting;
GoD2.0 for redirection fix idea;
gromo for testing, bugreporting;
ineya for Hybrid serverinfo trick;
jamess for "deprecated" id idea;
La_Vladimir for testing, bugreporting;
Lev (aka Flasher) for help and testing;
P4rD0nM3 for testing, bugreporting;
Shidla for testing;
SISA for hard testing of eST support and deprecated clientids;
**[email protected]!ke** for testing, hlstats fix idea;
Valve for good games ;)
And all other people whom I forgot

Список изменений:
- fixed "Invalid challenge format" warning when client joins server

- Some bugs fixed (I don't remember what bugs )
- Removed subserver and master-client as they are not needed now
- Added challenge checking code to "rules" and "players list" requests handlers

Скачать dproto 178
Скачать dproto 179

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